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Jacksonville Bankruptcy Lawyer

Efficient, Dependable Debt Relief for Victims of Tough Economic Times

There are millions of ways to get deep into debt, but very few simple, effective ways to get out from under that burden. If your debts have gotten to the point where you are losing sleep, worried about losing your house and supporting your family, or fielding frequent collection calls, it is time to speak with a knowledgeable Jacksonville bankruptcy attorney.

My experience over the past 25-plus years has reached into many areas of state and federal law, requiring high levels of financial savvy. The same skills that enable me to dissect a criminal defense challenge are key assets when analyzing the best path to debt relief for a client. I handle:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings for rapid elimination of large amounts of unsecured debt, including credit card balances and medical bills — as well as comprehensive protection against many creditor and collector actions such as court judgments, property liens and wage garnishments
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings that allow discharge of some debts and restructuring of others for a period of three to five years, often enabling a person with dependable income to catch up, stop home foreclosure and return to a stable financial position

Are You Facing Foreclosure and Focused on Finding a Way to Save Your Home?

Falling behind on mortgage payments and coping with a mortgage foreclosure lawsuit are among the most stressful things that can happen to anyone — and they have happened to many good people in Florida for reasons beyond their control.

Practical solutions for saving your northeast Florida home may be available and more straightforward than you think. I can help you consider whether refinancing or some other such action may work for you, and also discuss whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing is your best foreclosure defense and the best way to return to financial stability.

Do You Need a St. Augustine/The Beaches Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney?

My Jacksonville-based law practice covers much of northeast Florida, and I can assess your financial situation and identify solutions whether you reside in Orange Park, Neptune Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach or surrounding communities.

For a free telephone consultation to discuss whether bankruptcy may be the answer and I am the right lawyer to represent you, please call 904-343-4556 and speak with me directly.

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