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Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Sound Counsel and Difference-Making Representation in Northeast Florida

Have you been arrested for a crime that puts your freedom and your future in jeopardy? Perhaps law enforcement or a government agent has contacted you as part of an investigation into criminal activity and you know serious charges could follow.

I have been admitted to practice law in Florida since 1995, and rigorous criminal defense for people in the Jacksonville area is my professional focus today. My decades of trial-intensive experience here and in New York have prepared me, lawyer Landes & Julien, for any tough battle involving the most heinous or complex allegations, whether they involve drug crimes, "street crime" or white collar offenses.

Put a Trial-Proven Litigator and Savvy, Resourceful Negotiator on Your Side

Many cases I handle are ultimately tried in federal court, where I have appeared hundreds of times and built an excellent track record. I am equally versed in cases handled in state courts, always preparing extensively for trial and seizing every opportunity to improve my client's position if negotiation is the better path.

Within the realm of "white collar" financial crimes, my experience extends to:

St. Johns County Drug Possession Attorney for Your Defense

My work on behalf of accused drug offenders reaches across the spectrum of controlled substances and activities, including:

I am an excellent choice to handle your Florida DUI defense, especially if you face a felony drunk driving-related charge such as vehicular homicide or vehicular manslaughter, or if you simply want a Jacksonville criminal defense attorney who will go the distance to fight conviction. I also provided decided defense services to people charged with theft offenses such as shoplifting as well as assault and battery. You can also turn to me for resourceful, aggressive defense if you stand accused of child pornography possession or another Internet crime.

The Number to Call for Your Free Telephone Consultation: 904-343-4556

Whatever charges or risk of prosecution you face, I urge you to contact me directly, as soon as you can, to talk about your case and legal options.

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