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Jacksonville Child Pornography Defense Lawyer

Federal Internet Crimes Representation in Northeast Florida

To say the Internet has changed the landscape of criminal law and criminal defense would be an incredible understatement. When I began my career practicing law in 1986, child pornography cases were rare and most consumer scam cases involved direct mail, magazine advertising or even door-to-door solicitations.

What Happens on the Internet Can Lead to Real-World, Long-Term Prison Time

Today, using the Web for any "private" sexual purpose or questionable business purpose creates serious risk of arrest and aggressive prosecution. State and federal law enforcement have prioritized pursuit of "sting" operations and begun employing accomplished hackers and computer technology experts to pursue crimes such as:

  • Possession or distribution of child pornography — charges that can be filed even for viewing computer-generated, simulated children and enhanced by characterizing a single short film clip as a collection of hundreds of individual images
  • A vast range of Internet-based financial crimes, including schemes and scams ranging from identity theft to securities fraud

Turn to a Skilled St. Augustine/The Beaches Internet Fraud Charges Attorney

Because of the global reach of the Internet and other factors, you are likely facing a federal criminal charge. It has been said many times in legal circles, but it's well worth hearing if you are charged with a federal crime: "the more marble, the more trouble."

This refers primarily to the severity of penalties handed down by federal judges in comparison to those at the state level, even when offenses are comparable. It also means that federal court defense demands a lawyer who knows the many rules, procedures unique to that legal venue.

The Receipt and Possession of Child Pornography is a Serious Crime

I have had success recently in both State and Federal Court with these cases. In a recent State Court case in Duval County, I worked with a computer expert and, after examining the laptop which supposedly contained thousands of images of child pornography, I was able to file a motion to dismiss the charges. The thankful client plead guilty instead to a simple computer crime and got probation. In the Federal case, the penalties for possessing child pornography are staggeringly high. My client was facing 121-151 months in prison. Based on a number of factors, I was able to convince the Judge to give the minimum sentence of 60 months. I am well versed in all aspects of child pornography cases and will work to get the best possible outcome for you.

Call 904-343-4556 for Aggressive Defense of Your Freedom and Future

You can count on straight talk and a balanced, informed view of strategies for defending your case, in full recognition that you may be a solid citizen guilty of an isolated indiscretion, a target of constitutionally questionable luring or entrapment, or entirely innocent.

In addition to advanced investigative skills and experience gained in thousands of cases, I make it my mission to follow the evolution of "cybercrime," relevant laws and court decisions. Whether you need a Jacksonville child pornography defense attorney or financial crimes lawyer with extensive experience winning not-guilty verdicts that keep people out of prison, I can help, beginning with a free telephone consultation on your case.

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