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Jacksonville Marijuana Traffic Stop Defense Attorney

Pulling someone over just because he or she "looks like he or she might be smoking pot" is every bit as offensive as racial profiling. You might look the part of someone who smokes weed, but this does not make it legal for law enforcement to pull you over.

Marijuana possession charges can arise from traffic stops. There is a way to beat the charges and keep your criminal record clean.

If the cops pulled you over, searched your car and found a stash of pot, call me, Landes & Julien, a Jacksonville marijuana traffic stop defense lawyer, directly at 904-343-4556.

Challenging the Legality of Florida Traffic Stops

With more than 20 years of criminal defense experience, I waste no time delving into the facts and evidence of your case. A traffic stop can result in marijuana possession charges, and I work tirelessly to ensure that your rights are protected. My ultimate goal is to have the charges against you dropped. One of the methods I use to achieve this is to challenge the legality of the traffic stop. Whenever possible, I file a Motion to Suppress evidence, which challenges the constitutional validity of the police officer's actions. If the Motion is granted, the state will not have enough evidence, and the case will be dismissed.

I file Motions to Suppress evidence when:

  • Law enforcement did not have probable cause or reasonable suspicion for the traffic stop
  • Law enforcement did not have a valid search warrant
  • Law enforcement did not have valid consent to search the vehicle
  • The marijuana was not in "plain view"
  • Law enforcement violated client's right to counsel
  • Chain of custody issues are present
  • Law enforcement or the state engaged in evidence tampering
  • Any other illegal police activity occurred

What happened at the traffic stop can play a vital role in the ultimate satisfactory outcome of your case. Do not hesitate to talk to me today. I have ample knowledge of search and seizure laws, the laws with which law enforcement must comply and the defense strategies that can keep you out of jail and away from a criminal record.

Speak to a St. Johns County Marijuana Arrest Attorney Directly. Call 904-343-4556.

I offer a free telephone consultation and can be reached 24/7. Let's talk now about how my determined, all-out defense effort can help you.

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