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Jacksonville OxyContin Charges Lawyer

Experienced Drug Crimes Defense Throughout Northeast Florida

There always seems to be a new emphasis and new front line for those waging the endless "war on drugs," and prescription painkillers including oxycodone and Vicodin have assumed that status recently. Intense media attention has surrounded raids of Florida pain management clinics and arrests of doctors — most associated with allegedly illegitimate prescriptions for oxycodone, which is most commonly marketed under the brand name OxyContin.

A Few Pills May Mean Years in State or Federal Prison if Convicted

There really are no "minor" drug charges in Florida, and that includes marijuana possession along with sale, cultivation, manufacture or transport of any controlled substance from pot or mushrooms to meth, cocaine or heroin. Florida laws and federal laws are extremely harsh when it comes to illegal possession, sale or trafficking in prescription medications — and it is critical to hire the most qualified, aggressive criminal defense lawyer you can find.

Leveraging 20-plus years on the defense side in high-stakes drug cases, along with prior experience as a prosecutor, I am exceptionally well equipped to fight for your freedom and future as a:

  • Health care professional or worker accused of unlawfully prescribing or distributing oxycodone or any other prescription drug
  • Pain or addiction sufferer charged with sale or intent to distribute drugs that were for your personal use alone
  • Person facing state or federal drug trafficking charges, conspiracy allegations and other offenses that threaten to put you in prison for decades or for life

Serving St. Augustine and The Beaches: Prescription Fraud Attorney

You can depend on me for diligent investigation of all circumstances of your case and the extensive knowledge of drug laws and constitutional laws. I consider and work all angles of defense, including those based on illegal search and seizure, entrapment, and failure to handle evidence properly in drug cases.

It is critical to recognize that if you were arrested by DEA agents or the FBI, or certain other circumstances apply — whether the charge is drug possession, prescription fraud or something else — your case will be heard in federal court, and you need a Jacksonville OxyContin charges attorney with experience at that level. For a free telephone consultation with me, attorney Landes & Julien, call 904-343-4556 as soon as you possibly can.

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