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Jacksonville Medicaid Fraud Lawyer

Skilled Defense in Northeast Florida: St. Augustine/The Beaches Medicare Fraud Attorney

Health care providers are under intense scrutiny nationwide, and investigations into Medicare and Medicaid fraud, prescription fraud, and other illegal activity are prevalent throughout Florida. Whether you are a doctor, pharmacist or claims processor — operating a private practice or working for a clinic or home health care company — the possibility of an investigation leading to serious criminal charges and possible prison time is a stark reality.

I am Landes & Julien, a resourceful, hard-charging, Jacksonville Medicaid fraud attorney with experience across the spectrum of white collar crime investigations and trials. Whether you are facing criminal charges or you have been contacted or raided by federal or state authorities, such as the FBI or the Florida DFS Division of Insurance Fraud, I urge you to contact me directly to discuss your legal rights and next steps.

Under Investigation? Charged With Fraud or Drug Offenses?

My decades as a criminal defense lawyer have prepared me well to defend you against virtually any state or federal fraud charge, or to intervene and offer counsel that prevents you from incriminating yourself for acts such as:

  • Medicaid or Medicare fraud associated with billing for unnecessary services or medical equipment, double billing, submitting false or inflated claims, or accepting illegal kickbacks from other providers
  • Corporate or private health insurance fraud such as submission of false or inflated reimbursement claims, including "upcoding" or "unbundling"
  • Felony prescription drug crimes such as illegal distribution of or trafficking in oxycodone (OxyContin), Vicodin, Lortab, fentanyl or other painkillers through a pain management clinic or other health care business

Among the hundreds of cases I have handled, I represented an executive who came under investigation for accepting money from vendors awarded multimillion-dollar contracts. No charges were ultimately filed for the alleged kickback scheme, and my client received no jail time for a guilty plea to a federal tax evasion charge.

Your freedom, your professional license, your livelihood and financial stability may all be in jeopardy, even if you are guilty only of honest mistakes or lack of thorough supervision.

Whether you have just been contacted, raided as part of "Operation Pill Nation" or charged with some form of health care fraud or a drug offense, counsel from a dedicated defense lawyer is critical. Contact me anytime for a free telephone consultation.

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