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Should Bill Cosby be criminally prosecuted for sexual assault?

Answer:  Whatever you might think of the once popular entertainer, Cosby should not be criminally prosecuted for sexual assault.  Why? Because the District Attorney of Pennsylvania made a deal with him 11 years ago: testify in a civil suit (that is, give a deposition) and we promise not to prosecute you criminally, in exchange for your truthful testimony. Relying on that promise by the D.A., Cosby admitted, under oath, that he obtained quaaludes as part of his efforts to have sex with a former Temple University staff member.  

The civil suit was settled; Cosby paid the woman an undisclosed sum of money and confidentiality was part of the settlement.  But now, 11 years later, a new Pennsylvania prosecutor has filed criminal charges against Cosby and a Judge has ruled that a criminal case can go forward.

How can this be?  The only explanation I can think of is that these sexual assault cases have received national attention in the press and this new prosecutor want the publicity of sending Cosby to jail.  Now, the 78 year old Cosby will stand trial for this charge.

So what should you do if the answers you might give in a civil lawsuit subject you to criminal liability?  Assert your 5th Amendment privilege against self incrimination and refuse to answer.  Otherwise, you might end up like Bill Cosby, facing jail time after he was promised by the authorities that he wouldn't be prosecuted.          

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