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Jacksonville Tax Evasion Lawyer

Accused of Defrauding the IRS? Facing Criminal and Financial Penalties?

Due to its sweeping powers and resources, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is justifiably feared by many ordinary citizens and business leaders. Others do not even realize this federal agency has an active Criminal Investigation (CI) division with more than 2,700 agents focused on exposing tax code violations, money laundering, drug crimes and other criminal activity — until their own financial dealings come under scrutiny and serious criminal charges result.

Experience Across the Spectrum of Business and Financial Crimes

In an active career as a lawyer extending back to 1986, including admission to practice in Florida in 1995, I have defended many people in criminal and civil tax prosecutions, including situations in which tax evasion related to concealing income was one of multiple serious charges brought in federal court. This experience extends to allegations of:

  • Participation in criminal activities and conspiracies ranging from drug trafficking to financial scams, with non-payment of taxes as a natural component of hiding the proceeds
  • Failure to report income from legitimate business activities, with transactions conducted in cash or handled in ways that can be charged as money laundering, fraud or participation in a conspiracy

Although my focus and passion for the past 20-plus years has been high-stakes criminal defense, I have also defended my clients in civil tax prosecutions in the effort to reduce my clients' tax liabilities and avoid asset forfeitures and seizures. I am here to help if you need a Jacksonville tax evasion attorney or versatile, resourceful advocacy on another matter.

Turn to a St. Augustine Tax Fraud Attorney and Proven Criminal Defender

Whether you are accused of running organized crime involvement, running an Internet scam or simply failing to report income from legitimate business activity, you can turn to me for defense of your financial interests and future as well as your freedom.

I am prepared to apply my decades of high-stakes criminal defense experience — including many trials in federal court and numerous successful efforts to prevent criminal charges from ever being filed — at any stage or phase of your case. For a free telephone consultation, please call me directly anytime at 904-343-4556.

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