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Jacksonville Sealing and Expunging Criminal Records Lawyer

A criminal record can follow you for your entire life. Often, people plead guilty to things when they are young or do so in the heat of the moment in a courtroom, or to get out of jail. Sometimes, they are improperly represented and plead guilty to reduced charges without fully understanding the consequences of their guilty pleas. Weeks, months and even years later, they regret the decision they made. Today, criminal background checks are easily done by employers; a criminal record, even for something small, may prevent you from getting or keeping a job.

Not every criminal conviction can be sealed or expunged. However, many can be. It is a technical process involving the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Courts. If you are interested in having a Florida criminal record sealed or expunged, contact me so that we can begin the process. Keep your past where it belongs: in the past and private.

Speak to a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Attorney Directly. Call 904-343-4556.

I offer a free telephone consultation and can be reached 24/7. Let's talk now about how my determined, all-out defense effort can help you.


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