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Jacksonville Marijuana Sale Charges Lawyer

Serving Northeast Florida: St. Johns County Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney

Marijuana is used widely across Florida and could be considered a major component of the culture as well as the economy. Many people sell small amounts of weed to their friends and acquaintances. Some people even use weed to barter for goods and services. It is a way of life for many honest, hardworking people. However, as other states move to legalize medical marijuana and decriminalize simple possession and use, Florida laws on marijuana sales continue to get tougher.

From Pot Possession to Trafficking, Knowledge of All Defense Strategies

Whether you are most concerned about your freedom, reputation, job prospects or business, it is critical to hire the best Jacksonville-area marijuana sale charges attorney you can find if you are charged with:

  • Marijuana possession in any amount
  • Sale or intent to distribute marijuana in any amount, from a charge of splitting or sharing a bag with a friend to seizure of a tractor-trailer load or boat shipment
  • Indoor or outdoor marijuana cultivation or sale of marijuana seeds
  • Marijuana trafficking, often accompanied by other federal felony charges ranging from racketeering and money laundering to conspiracy and tax evasion

Call 904-343-4556 Now to Put Decades of Trial Experience on Your Side

My drug charge defense experience as a lawyer in Florida and in New York extends back more than 20 years. There is no better feeling than having extensive case building and strategy work yield an acquittal, case dismissal or not-guilty verdict that protects my client's criminal record and future. Whatever the specific drug charge or charges against you — state or federal, misdemeanor or felony — I urge you to contact me now for a free telephone consultation.

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